Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Daisy's Boutique & MKB Images

A day of family, fun, and photos!

Further details to come but if you have not heard of them yet Little Daisy's Boutique is known for "bows and gift ideas for babies and girls of all ages". They have some of the most unique items and help add to the jazz of all the Empire Cheer Clubs in upstate NY.

So why are we coming together? So glad you asked!

In the next month or so we plan to roll out a great photo & shopping experience for both of our clients! With Little Daisy's Boutique you will get to sample the amazing baby gear & purchase what you like. &&&& with MKB Images you will get to use your samplings for a fun photo op allowing a chance to get a great collection of photos of your little one/sibling/& you as well if you wish!

More details to come!!! :)

If you have not done so already you must check out:

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