Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back & Ready for action!!!!

So things have been a little quiet (ok really quiet) but I have not disappeared! Thanks to a few people pushing me I have picked up my camera here and there along the way (thanks for that). My time behind the lense is very dear to me. I worry I will burn out and lose a passion that is so dear to me. My father taught me everything I know & when I am there its like finding roots. Roots are not always easy to dig into ;)! But I love it. I adore it. Everything about my time I spend with people & capturing their time together means the world to me. Time is something never guaranteed & its so important to keep whats today in moments like photography.

Ok friends. Without further delay I want to really ramp up & get back into your lives by doing something I am really good at.

So for now until I say stop sessions with me are $75. That's time with me & a CD with all of your images and a full copy release to print as you wish.

A little spotlight before we wrap up- Thanks Kristina and Lucas for lending me your sweet pea not too long ago. See you in a few weeks for session #2